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People often ask me how I got into this line of “work”. To me, this is not work; this is not my job; this is my calling. This is why I was put¬†on this Earth. I was put here to help families through all aspects of conceiving, pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

With this being said, that does not mean that taking this leap of faith –¬†quitting a full-time job in which I worked with my husband for a great company, made a regular income that I could count on, and was very “comfortable” – wasn’t difficult. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. And, I made excuses for years about why I couldn’t make this change. Bad timing. We couldn’t afford it. I might not succeed. I might not make any money. These fears were constantly dragging me down. Then a moment came that changed my life…

My mama – my best friend – passed away. VERY suddenly. With no warning; no way to prepare. Her death made me realize a very important lesson: tomorrow is not promised. She was my biggest supporter, and always encouraged me to follow my dreams. So, with the support of my amazing husband, I decided to take the leap and do something I really love.

I swear since the moment I stepped into that delivery room the first time, I have been on such a high. My “what if” fears just evaporated. The moment I saw all of the things I learned about, and saw in action the connection between mother and unborn/newborn baby is just. so. incredible. I completely understand why they call it “the miracle of life”. Each baby is such a miracle, and I love being in any way involved in helping families realize this.

So, I do this “job” because I love it. And because this is what I am supposed to do. And because life is just too short to do not the things we love <3

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