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babesAs long as our little ones aren’t shy, we get to find out this week who I have been carrying around for the last 18+ weeks. While I think it is an AMAZING moment in the delivery room when a couple does not know the gender, and I hope to have that moment someday during another (singleton) pregnancy, Jimmy and I could not be happier to find out who these little ones are.

The guessing game throughout this pregnancy has been exciting, but I think it will be so comforting to know for (almost) sure. I started looking into old wives tales, and here’s how they play out for us:

Morning sickness: oh boy, I definitely enjoyed morning sickness for 17 weeks, which, according to legend, means at least one of these babes is a GIRL.

Moodiness: poor Jimmy. I have gone through some pretty irrational mood swings, including crying over the wrong type of mac and cheese, throwing tantrums reminiscent of a three year old, and crying at the drop of a hat. This indicates GIRL, however, generally speaking I am also the happiest I have ever been in my life, and have really tried to embrace the more difficult aspects of this pregnancy. So, for this one I think it’s also safe to say there’s a BOY hanging around in there.

Heart Rate: these two have always had a heart rate over 140bpm which would indicate two GIRLS.

Cravings: for the first time in my life I am craving sweets, which would indicate GIRL, but I still love my salty goodies and notes of sour, too, so I think this one also indicates a BOY.

Dad’s Weight: Jimmy has put on the same amount of weight as me during this pregnancy (so far, he says he’s going back on his diet, though) which screams GIRL.

Clumsiness: I’ve never been clumsier in my life! I can’t keep my balance at all which points to a BOY.

Acne: Knock on wood, I’ve been pretty lucky with this one. Thanks homeBOY.

Dry Skin: To the max! BOY it is!

Dark Nipples: Nope! Size change maybe, but no change in color here: GIRL.

Side Preference: I don’t really have a preference, I just miss sleeping on my belly. Inconclusive.

Protein: This former meat eater is BEYONDDDD grossed out by meat of any kind, especially chicken. This means GIRL.

Cold Feet: Mine are always freezing! Hello BOY.

Headaches: I’m thankful I haven’t had a headache everyday like some women get, but I have had my fair share-BOY.

Mother’s Intuition: From the very beginning I have thought these two little miracles were a boy and a girl. I think Baby A is a GIRL and Baby B is a BOY.

Dad’s Prediction: I think dad has been swayed this way and that way, but he thinks we have two BOYS on the way.

Chinese Gender Chart: Hmmm. This one is really really tricky. Our beautiful little embryos were conceived in March, frozen through April, and thawed and implanted in May. I think if you go by harvest/conception, they should be BOYS, but if you go by implantation, these two are GIRLS. Or, we could cut the complication and say one of each.

Many people have asked if we are having a gender reveal party. We are not. After all the years of disappointing ultrasounds, Jimmy and I look forward to happy moments at each of our ultrasounds now. We could not be more excited to share the moment together when the ultrasonographer announces to just the two of us who are little miracles are. Then, we look forward to sharing it with you! If you’d like to know, please pay close attention to the MCMaternity Facebook page on Friday!

Were any of these old wives tales true for you during your pregnancy? Please feel free to share your experience below.



7 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales

  1. Danielle

    Hey Mary!!! Ahhh so exciting! We did not find out the gender and weree happy to play the gender prediction game. So many were true for me, sweets (although that’s not unusual), disgusted by meat, heart rate, morning sickness, Jen gained so much weight (sorry Jen!), andddd I had a dream about a boy (they say you will then have the opposite). Oh I wasn’t clumsy either, I wore heels up until 7 months hehe. All pointed girl and we have sweet little Tillie. I however did not get acne and the Chinese calendar was off. I swore it was a boy though…up until the last month or so, I said “let’s walk thru the girls section in the store, I’m getting a weird vibe we are in the wrong (boys) section”. Oh Mother Nature!!!

    Ps my prediction for you is baby A girl and baby B boy. Orrrr two boys. This is a complete guess based on a sonograms prediction someone told me about!!

    Happy Pregnancy!

    1. maryc Post author

      Thanks for your response, Danielle! Congratulations on Tillie; what an incredible blessing! I think A is a girl and B is a boy, too! I can’t wait to see 🙂

  2. Heather Choquette

    I was a steak and shrimp caesar salads with Zach that’s all I wanted, I did miss sleeping on my stomach but always slept on my right side, I was constantly cold not just my feet, I had very very few headaches with both boys nice change to the everyday headaches I usually get!!! For Zach I knew I was having a boy, but with Mason I honestly thought girl I even asked the Sonographer twice if she was absolutely sure it was a boy lol. As far as morning sickness, I didn’t have any but I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat!!! And for acne I had nada with both boys! Afterwards once I delivered ya totally different story!!!! Can’t wait to see if I’m having nieces or nephews or one of each!!!! Love you all! !!!

  3. Ardell

    Hey Sunshine

    My guess big baby boy … Small baby girl. The girl will totally bully the boy.

    Cravings ….. Slim Jims for Al … Snickers for Matt.
    No headaches, acne, no dark nipples, loved meat, no side preference, wicked clumsy and morning sickness all day long.
    I did not have girls names picked out …. I did not know their sex but I knew only what boys names I would choose.
    BTW … You look marvelous! MoRe!

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