Gender Reveal!

Some days, we wear the same outfit!

Some days, we wear the same outfit!

To start, you know how I always talking about building up your support system when you’re going through infertility? Surrounding yourself with people who care about you, have your best interest at heart, and genuinely want to help you navigate your course is essential. I’m blessed to have my boss at my day job as one of those people. She has been there for me through every step of this bumpy road. Now that we are on a much more exciting path, her support has still not wavered for a second. So, when I told her that we were not having a gender reveal party (you can read about that here), she was SO not satisfied with that answer. She is BEYOND crafty (you can check out her business, Pink Tulip, here), fun, and is always looking for a reason to celebrate someone else. #selfless. So, she threw me a little reveal party at work today. Isn’t she lovely? 🙂

So….are you ready to find out?!


Baby A is a….


And Baby B is a…



reveal-2Saying that Jimmy and I feel beyond blessed is an understatement. Watching our babies move and shake; watching their little hearts flickering away; seeing their developing bones and structures; it’s truly just amazing. And now to know who I am growing? Just incredible.

As always, thank you for your continued support throughout this journey. We are so grateful to share this time with you <3

Oh, and I love being right 🙂


Did you guess correctly?

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