Infertility-Our Struggle: IVF #2 FET

Infertility-Our Struggle_IVF #2(1)

To start, FET stands for frozen embryo transfer. If you remember from the result, the only thing that kind of helped get us through the devastation of the first round, was that we had this embryo waiting for us.

Unfortunately, it just didn’t fucking work. I had a bad feeling about it the whole time, followed by nightmares, and I just never felt like it was going to happen. I was not in a good place throughout the whole process. And, our official pregnancy test was on the anniversary of my mother’s passing. The worst of the worst.

That’s it. Disappointed? You shoulda been there.

The next cycle though, I have plennnnnty to talk about. Up next: IVF #3…Hoping for Twins!

3 thoughts on “Infertility-Our Struggle: IVF #2 FET

  1. Patricia Miller

    I wish I could travel through the Internet to hug you right now. (((((((Mary and Jim))))))))

    As your auntie, I demand IVF #3 post to be posted immediately!

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