The Celebration of Hope 2014

Just to get this statement out-of-the-way: the weather sucked, which was a HUGE bummer. But, so many people still came out to support the cause, and over $18,000 was raised! 🙂

There were so many inspirational stories that were shared throughout the evening, so many brave people. I met couples in various stages of treatment, diagnosis, success, and heartache. I absorbed their stories with a heavy heart, just wanting to find a way to help. Something I really enjoyed was that it was such a safe place to share your story, and have the person listening really understand what you are talking about. My favorite part of the evening was meeting a couple who was featured via a video submission earlier in the night about their struggle with adoption. We chatted for a while about their struggle, and how it impacts every aspect of your life. I thanked them for their submission and felt like I really knew them.

Below are a few pictures from the night (I wish I had actually brought my camera, rather than just my phone, and I wish I took a picture of the AWESOME silent auction table, but such is life.)


  1. “He who plants a tree plants a hope”-Lucy Larcom: the generous favor given by the AGC.
  2. Roses given to the AGC President Aprill Lane. Each flower represents a family who has been helped by the AGC to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.
  3. The hope tree. This one made me cry. Each branch held a picture of a success story, and how the baby was conceived (IVF, IUI, adoption, gestational surrogate, etc.)

Gala2iPhone camera’s version of Aprill Lane and me. She is such an amazing woman, and her foundation and book have helped SO many families. She rocks. Buy her book.

And last but not least, MCMaternity’s representation at the event. It was certainly a proud moment for me, and I am SOOO HOPING that this gift will bring some funds to the organization. And, it means I will get to help another family welcome their baby into the world! How awesome 🙂

MCMaternityGalaBecause the turnout was not what it could have been, several auction items were moved to online auction so that those who couldn’t be at the Gala could still participate. My services are featured on the online auction, here. The bidding is already at $175, so act fast! 🙂

Overall, despite the weather, the evening was a great success. The ladies of the AGC are a flawless representation of the amazing things that can happen when women support each other. They create life, and do so with grace and dignity <3

2 thoughts on “The Celebration of Hope 2014

  1. Celeste Olson

    The event was so great! It was the first time I actually told people our story and I felt they truley knew the heartache. It felt so amazing. I truly feel hope! There are no words for that gift.


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