Babyproofing Basics

As my earliest clients are very quickly realizing, their babies are growing. Like, FAST. Everyday there is a new discovery. One day, they realize they have feet…that are attached to their body…that they can put in their mouth! The next, they are rolling. All by themselves. And getting frustrated that they can’t crawl around. But soon enough, they will be crawling, and then standing, and then walking and running around.

With my new moms and dads realizing how quickly their babies are growing, the next thought is: “shit, we have to babyproof!” One day they leave the room for one second while their baby is “enjoying” tummy time, and the next they find their baby all the way across the room.

There are HUNDREDS of safety tips to prevent injury for your child. Actually, probably thousands. But first and foremost, the tip that can’t be replaced is supervision. You can take every safety measure in the world, but without supervision, your baby can still get into all sorts of trouble.

The following are just a few of the ways you can prepare your home before your baby begins crawling, you know, aside from wrapping your entire house contents in bubble wrap:


  • Install a toilet lock on every toilet
  • Remove mobiles and hanging toys from baby’s crib, and remove all toys that mysteriously end up inside the crib
  • Install gates at top AND bottom of stairs. Make sure the gate has the JPMA seal of approval
  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms outside of every bedroom
  • Use door holders/stops to protect little fingers and toes
  • Install window guards
  • Lock medications away
  • Install latches on any drawers, cabinets, or rooms with dangerous items. This can include knives, chemicals, cleaning products, glass, etc.
  • Tie window cords out of reach
  • Consider choking hazards around your home, and remove unnecessary clutter
  • Cover unused electrical outlets with plug-in style plates that cover the whole outlet, RATHER than the small (choking-hazard) individual plates. Or, block them completely with furniture, if that is an option
  • Follow crib safety standards


If you decide to make these changes to your home yourself, PLEASE read the instructions on how to do so carefully. There is no use for faulty equipment, or gear that is not installed properly. To find a childproofer in your area, please click here.

Please feel free to share other safety tips, or questions below! 🙂





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