What I Wear for Labor & Delivery…and Why

Let me start this entry by saying this: I have the best family and friends. In the world. Period. Through this journey so far, the support, encouragement, and overall “you can REALLY make this happen” outlook they have provided me has been outstanding. I really couldn’t ask for better people in my life. To all of you out there, thank you <3

How is this relevant to what I wear in the delivery room? Because my friends and family made it happen. It used to be “I need comfortable clothes that I don’t care if they get ruined”. Now (going to brush my shoulders off for a second) I look much more sleek and professional. And, my main goal of being comfortable, is totally supported.

I’ll start from the bottom up. Comfortable sneakers. The ones I wear have all memory-foam gel in the bottom, and provide enough comfort that I can be standing in them for days on end.

Next, thanks to my dear friend, I have my Lululemon yoga pants. I used to wear my $9.99 no-name brand yoga pants that start falling apart after three washes. And that was fine with me. My friend, however, is a fitness guru and has been preaching about the quality of these pants since I started. I kept telling her “I’ll buy them when the business takes off” because I was just not ready to spend $80+ on a pair of pants. Then we went shopping and she wanted me to “just try them on”. And then, despite my protests, she bought them for me (and ripped the tag in our let-me-just-pay-for-it scuffle). They wear like a dream, and I am so grateful for headstrong friends 🙂



Finally, I have my brand-spanking-new, logo-embroidered, PINK, Athleta hoodie. This beyond-thoughtful gift came from my brother and his girlfriend (more like a sister, if we are putting labels on her). I could not believe my eyes when I opened this one. There was definitely a happy tear twinkling in my eye as I put in on. It was one of those “this is really happening; I am really living my dream” moments. It’s funny how just seeing your logo on something can make you so proud. And, the hoodie even has a little butt flap that hangs down, which is great because even in L+D this ass just won’t quit.

You may be asking yourself why it looks like I’m about to run a marathon or go to a hot yoga class. That’s a fair assessment of the ensemble. But you need to know that in the delivery room it is just not about me. At all. There is no time to gauge how comfortable I am, if I am warm or cold, if my legs or back hurt from standing, if I am tired, etc. None of that matters. What matters is how the mom-to-be is doing: if there is a way I can make her more comfortable, if she is sweating to death or you can hear her teeth chattering down the hall, if I can give her a massage to ease her aching body, if there is a way I can get the dad to be helpful and engaged, if there is a way to politely make the mother-in-law leave the room or at least tone it down a notch, etc. So, I go in dressed as comfortably as possible because her needs are my only concern.

Why not just wear scrubs? I would LOVE to wear scrubs, and some doulas do. However, already in my short career as a doula, I have faced some adversity in L+D. Many of the nurses, midwives, and doctors have been incredibly supportive, and have even thanked me for being a part of their team. But some see it as a threat, or a nuisance, something of that sort. And in no way do I want to fuel that fire. I don’t want them to think that I think I am a nurse, or that I think I am calling the shots. They earned the right to wear those scrubs, and I respect that. I believe that it takes an extremely special, selfless person to become a good nurse, and in no way would I want there to be any animosity from them because of a choice in uniform. Yoga gear is next best, and I am so proud to wear my logo 🙂


So there you have it. A comfortable, yet somewhat professional look. Because everyone wants to look decent when they get birthed on 🙂

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  1. Elena

    I love your L&D style, you look comfortable but you’re still representing your business in a perfectly subtle (and adorable!) way! So cute!!


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