Before Starting your Baby Registry

You walk into the store and head straight to the registry department. The person helping you gets you all signed up, gives you your handy-dandy pointer gun and says “If you need any help just let me know” and sends you on your merry way. You look excitedly at your partner (or mother, friend, sister), stand up, turn around, and then you’re stopped dead in your tracks. “Where the HELL do I begin??” The thought races through your mind as you look dauntingly around the store. A cold sweat breaks over you as you take a step towards the bottles: “why are there SO MANY nipples? What do they all mean?” Ok, you decide, we’ll come back to the bottles. You head to the stroller section. There are more options than OBGYNs to choose from. At this point, you’ve officially checked out, and coerce your partner into “just looking around” today and coming back another time to make your important decisions.

Was that too dramatic? Probably 🙂

Seriously, though, the big stores can be very overwhelming, especially if you go in not knowing certain things. Below is the list of seven categories to have an understanding of before you start your baby registry.

1 thru 4

1. Do you plan to breastfeed, exclusively pump, or formula feed? Once you have a clear idea of what you want to try, or what you think will work best for your family, you can begin researching which bottles you like best, which breast pump you want to use, which nursing bra to register for, etc. *Note: something to look into as well is insurance coverage for a breast pump. Some plans only cover the pump after the baby is born.*

2. Do you have a diapering preference? Are you a green mama who wants to try cloth? Is there a history of skin sensitivity in newborns in your family? Have a good understanding of which type of diaper you want to try, and just throw two sizes of the same brand on your registry so people know which type you prefer.

3. Do you plan to wear your baby? If so, are you more of a flexible wrap or a sturdy carrier type of person? If you aren’t sure, plan to ask the person helping you with your registry for a demonstration of both kinds.

4. Mattresses. If your crib comes with a mattress, please, throw it away. Unless you know specifically what the mattress is made of, most are made with “filler”. Don’t even get me started on that. Anyway, would you like your baby to sleep on a naturepedic, coconut palm (the only material no human is allergic to!!), foam, etc.

5 thru 7

5. The next two categories go together. First, car seats. There are so many questions to be answered for this one. Do you want it to be convertible? How long do you want to rear face? Do you want it to be compatible with your stroller? Will the one you want fit in your car? If you have two vehicles, do you just need two bases, or do you need two whole systems?

6. Next, strollers. My best advice is to make your stroller compatible with your car seat. My next best piece of advice is to NOT get a stroller with umbrella handles. Rather, get a stroller that has one bar handle so if you need to answer a phone call, or take a swig of your Dunkin’ Donuts, you don’t have to stop moving. There are many more questions to answer, such as: is the stroller compatible should you have another baby soon, do you plan to take your stroller off of pavement (if so, you may need one of those souped up monster-truck-looking ones!), can you lift the whole system easily, etc.

7. The last piece of advice I have before you begin your baby registry is to have a vision for your nursery. Whether it’s a color, Noah’s Ark animals, nautical, worldly, alphabet, whatever you have in mind, just have a preliminary vision. You can always change your mind when you get there, but, believe me, there are so many adorable options that will be thrown your way it’s better to have your own mental picture and find the perfect pieces to fit that, than having no vision and ending up with a helter skelter room of all cute things with no collective theme.

I hope that you find this guide helpful to planning your dream registry for your little bundle of joy! If you need any additional help, one of the services I provide is registry planning 🙂

Happy shopping <3

All pictures were taken from my Pinterest account. Their links are here:

1. Links to my breastfeeding category.

2. Cloth diapering; I love how this mama explains her “lazy” method!

3. This pin is really just a diagram about how to properly wear a baby to avoid hip dysplasia.

4.I really recommend coconut palm mattresses for babies!

5. and 6. This pin links up to mom reviews on baby travel systems.

7. What an adorable nautical nursery pin!!!


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