Infertility – Our Struggle

Infertility. Such an ugly word. And sadly, for my husband and me, it is something we are forced to deal with every single day. We struggle constantly with the fact that we have not yet been able to conceive. It’s discouraging, and honestly, quite exhausting. But, through our struggle, there is one major thing I have come to realize: we are not alone. As secluded as I have felt through this mysterious journey, I now know that there are so many couples going through the same thing.

One of the many emotions that I, along with numerous other women I have spoken to, have felt is shame. Shame that something that seems so easy could be so hard for us. Shame that we aren’t doing something right. Shame that it seems to only be happening to us. Shame because it feels like something is wrong with only us.

So, I have decided to blog about our struggle in mini entries. Because it isn’t only happening to us. And I hope my readers out there take some comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone in their struggle.

I also hope that those of you who are at the beginning stages of planning for a family are able to learn a few tips and tricks. And I REALLY REALLY hope that things just work for you and you are able to conceive right away.

My last hope for this miniseries is that people learn that saying things like “when are you going to pop out a kid?” or “I can’t believe you’re not pregnant yet!” etc. etc. can be the most devastating question for people undergoing such a private and constant battle.

So stay tuned. And, know that you are not alone.

4 thoughts on “Infertility – Our Struggle

  1. Patricia

    Your mom didn’t tell me for 3-4 months that she was pregnant with your youngest brother because she knew how long I had been trying to get pregnant! And, I had to be tested every other day for two weeks with my 2nd child because my hormones weren’t doubling like they should (the doctor thought my body wouldn’t keep the baby.) I know how it hurts. The other Auntie P knows how it hurts. Anytime you need to talk, call me up. I pray you are blessed with your own children. But, no matter what, know that you are loved.

    1. maryc Post author

      Wow Auntie, I didn’t know that! I am sorry to know that you struggled, and happy to know that my mama was so understanding. I didn’t tell her until we were a year into trying because I wanted it to be a happy surprise when she found out she was a grandmother. When I did tell her, I woke up to massive amounts of research, tips, and suggestions. She suggested the specialist we went through, embarrassed the crap out of Jimmy (in that caring, motherly way!), and the research she gave me made me want to help others, too. Thank you for your comment, and I know that I am loved <3

  2. Colleen

    Thank you for sharing such a private piece of your heart and agreed- the,
    ” when are you going to have a baby” etc. can be so devastating. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone openly talk about something that most people think can happen so easily and this will certainly help others– and it will help you as well 🙂

    Love you guys.

    1. maryc Post author

      Colleen, thank you for your help along the way. Text vent sessions with someone who understands can be so liberating <3
      And I am SO INCREDIBLY GLAD that this struggle is a part of your "parent history" and seeing pictures of your little man warms my heart <3


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